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King 5 News
April 19, 2012

They didn't have much time or experience but it was an opportunity they could not let get away.

So, students at the University of Washington and supportive professors found an old basement in the Mechanical Engineering Annex that had a garage door. Since then the race has been on to turn that space into an automotive laboratory where UW students hope to take the national lead in new car technology.

They are the newest collegiate team to join the EcoCar competition that has been dominated by the likes of schools such as Virginia Tech, Ohio State and Purdue. Some of the competing colleges have been at this for 20 years. The EcoCar2 contest will be the University of Washington's first attempt.

Members of the group helped with an automotive design that won a smaller contest last year so they know a winning formula when they see it. Group Leader Trevor Fayer, says General Motors, sponsors of the contest, are already impressed with the UW's early work.