July 23, 2019

UW Sustainability has launched a new information portal, showcasing data, resources and other information around sustainability topics at the University of Washington.

This site builds off the previous sustainability dashboard, which had graphs showing UW's performance and targets in a variety of sustainability areas. The new portal highlights the data in interactive visualizations by using Tableau Software, as well as adding more information on each subject.

Pages include descriptions of what the University of Washington is doing to improve its sustainability performance in each category, as well as resources and links for users to learn more about UW's efforts or what they can do.

Categories covered include buildings, energy, food, greenhouse gases, transportation, waste, water, and workplaces.

"This new information portal gives more context to people interested in the UW's sustainability performance," said Claudia Frere-Anderson, director of UW Sustainability. "In addition to making it easier to access and interact with the sustainability data, we're now also able to provide information and resources to put that information in the broader picture."

Visitors can also access the Tableau data visualizations on their own pages without the extra content, if desired, on the data dashboard.

The Sustainability Information Portal can be found at green.uw.edu/dashboard.