Sept. 16, 2015

Due to this year’s unusually hot and dry summer, the City of Seattle has asked businesses and residents to voluntarily reduce water usage by 10 percent. The University of Washington supports this effort, and calls on the UW community to conserve water and be aware of your water usage.

UW Facilities Services is working to make UW’s water usage more efficient by expanding the use of automatic irrigation systems and installing sub-meters (which can help identify leaks or faulty sprinkler heads). Facilities Services will continually monitor, maintain and repair our irrigation systems to avoid waste through leaks, and has also allowed lower visibility/priority lawn areas to go dormant this summer.

UW Sustainability and Facilities Services ask the campus community to be mindful of their own use at UW and at home. Water reduction tips can be found on the Seattle Public Utilities website. Some examples include:

  • Check for and fix leaks, including checking tank toilets for silent leaks
  • When using dishwashers or laundry machines, run full loads.
  • Turn off water-using equipment when not in use.
  • If purchasing fixtures or equipment, choose water-efficient models.

You can see UW’s past water consumption on the UW Sustainability Dashboard: While UW has spent approximately $3 million on water conservation and significantly reduced water usage since 2001, we recognize there are still gains to be made. UW Sustainability will continue to encourage continued water conservation on campus through awareness and education.

Photo by Flickr user dmosiondz used under Creative Commons license