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The Daily
October 25, 2012

The third annual UW Sustainability Summit has been celebrating, educating, and raising awareness about sustainability at the UW since Monday morning. This year marks the largest summit yet, with many UW and off-campus groups participating.

Students, community members, and faculty gathered to discuss the environmental challenges that face everyone in Seattle and at the UW in Kane 210 on Wednesday night. The talk focused on what needs to be done to be more sustainable and environmentally efficient. Speakers from Microsoft, the Pacific Science Center, the UW, and Climate Solutions presented at the Summit.

“We have now just been through a presidential debate cycle in which there were honorable mentions for bayonets, buggy whips, and even Big Bird,” KC Golden, Climate Solutions policy director, said at the presentation. “But there was nary a mention of the greatest challenge facing humanity, which is a statement about our politics. Our generation of leaders does not yet have its arms around this challenge.”

However, Golden said the Northwest region has shown “unbelievable success” over the last 25 years of energy efficient programs. Each year, an average of 5000 megawatts of power and $2 billion have been saved. That energy could power four Seattles and a Portland.

Other green efforts are through the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF). This year, CSF, which is funded by the Services and Activities Fee, allocated $330,000 for projects that will begin winter quarter. The summit, however, is not funded at all by CSF. It is mainly a volunteer and staff effort.