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The Daily
With climate change a hot political topic, one group of students is advocating legislative change in Olympia regarding environmental policy.
February 21, 2008

Tomorrow, students from WashPIRG chapters at the UW, as well as Evergreen State College, Whitman, Western Washington and Green River Community College will be taking their Campus Climate Challenge to Olympia for a day of environmental awareness and advocacy.

WashPIRG members will be meeting with several state representatives and senators to discuss four environmentally progressive bills, which they hope will be passed by the end of the current legislative session on March 12.

“We feel that we can’t wait for the next legislative session to be in place to pass these really important bills to help climate change,” said Lexi Fish, WashPIRG campus organizer. “The issue of climate change is so important it needs to be prioritized. We want to make sure these bills are passed this session and are fully funded.”