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Huffington Post
September 18, 2013

Over the past 10 months, we've offered a variety of views on the role of higher education in global sustainability efforts.

Focusing on the University of Washington (UW), the series "Students of Sustainability: How Higher Education Can Teach the World To Be More Planet-Minded" was launched with a piece from Michael Young, president of the UW.

Young believes that, when it comes to sustainability, universities must turn themselves inside out -- taking more of the discoveries and innovations from their scholars, researchers and students and bringing them to the broader global community.

We also featured articles on "The New Sustainability Curriculum for the 21st Century," "The Millennials' New Planetary Passion," and "Sustainability As a Business / Financial / Economic Decision."

Now, to conclude our series, I've asked four of the most thoughtful and important players in sustainability at the University of Washington to discuss what it takes to truly green the ivory towers of higher education.