The holiday break is right around the corner. Before you rush off for your much deserved vacation, make sure you follow these simple tips to “power down." Not only will these save energy, they can save you money too!

  • Turn off and unplug equipment like printers, scanners, copiers and cell phone and computer chargers. These can draw energy even when the appliances are not in use or turned off.
  • Shut down your monitors completely. Make sure your computers are turned off or in sleep mode if necessary (some workstations may need to remain on for remote access or updates).
  • Turn off all lights before leaving for a break. As a general practice, keep the lights off in rooms or areas that are not in use.
  • Clean out, defrost and unplug refrigerators and kitchen appliances before you leave for break.
  • If you have control of the office thermostat, set it to 65 degrees or lower.
  • Ensure that all faucets are completely shut off. A dripping faucet is a waste of water and energy.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors to keep heat in (and leave with the knowledge your workspace is secure).

Download a PDF of these tips to post in your workspace. Email if you have other tips or questions about conserving energy on campus!