Paper Reduction

The UW is committed to reducing paper usage and other costs associated with copying and printing documents.

Here are some tips to help your department meet these goals:


Set up so that the MFD defaults to print “double-sided” (duplex) mode when you print documents.

  • This can be done at the department server level if your IT processes are centrally managed in your department
  • If not, individual desk computers need to be be set to default to duplex from your computer’s control panel


It is best to set your MFD to default to copy single-sided when you need to copy documents. The Ricoh technician will set your device up to default to single sided copying as a default unless you tell them otherwise. Then, if the machine is defaulted to single sided and you’re printing multiple pages you can adjust the MFD to the appropriate setting right at the device (1:2, 2:2, etc.) based on your particular copying job.


Color prints and copies are significantly more expensive than B&W. We recommend that you set up your MFD defaults to B&W, and change it to color only when needed.

This process can either be set up at the department level or at the desk level.

Note: When the Ricoh technicians come to your department to install your devices, they will set the copy functions to default to black and white and single sided copy. For printing, they will work with the UW IT resource to set the default printing to Black and White and double sided output unless requested differently.

The UW is a leader in environmental stewardship and sustainability.  We are committed to conserving resources as part of our sustainability goals.  For questions regarding paper reduction, please contact