The Green Office Certification program has several resources and tips for paper conservation

For more ideas, use these programs and resources to help reduce your paper consumption:

  • University of Washington Managed Print Services LogoManaged Print Services
    a sustainable service offered by an external supplier, Ricoh, to improve the way we copy and print documents, resulting in a reduction of paper consumption and can save departments up to 25% over current costs.
  • Utilize Green Office resources for paper conservation
    • Create a migration plan to replace printers without duplex capability at the end of the current contract
    • Utilize computer programs or online websites (such as Google Docs, OneNote, Wiki, or others) to share notes and workspaces
    • Track your printing
    • Print duplex (double-sided)
    • Use network printing to reduce personal desktop printers
    • Turn expired stationary or unneeded one-sided documents (non-confidential) into scratch paper or notepads
  • Centralized Fax Service
    enables individuals or groups to send and receive faxes without maintaining a physical fax machine. Rather than having faxes print out, faxes are sent or received using email or by accessing a simple-to-use web page.
  • Reduce Junk & Misaddressed Mail 
    a service offered by Mailing Services for departments experiencing a lot of unwanted mail from former staff members that would like to reduce and eliminate a lot of that waste.
  • Follow UW Scanning Requirements
  • Paper recycling infographic
    a downloadable poster with details on the ins and outs of paper recycling at UW