3D Visuals in the Husky Den
University of Washington
Husky Den
March 2013

Disposing of your waste can be complicated. Where do I put my used coffee cups? What do I do with paper plates, milk cartons, or this weird plastic wrap around my sandwich? Can I only put food in the compost? The UW Climate Action Plan (CAP), UW Garbology Project, and UW Recycling want to make these disposal dilemmas a little less strenuous. In March 2013, the CAP team created new 3D visuals for the Husky Den that show the “ideal disposal bins.” The bins include many of the common materials that are compostable, recyclable, or trash. Few students realize that all packing material in the Husky Den is compostable, including plastic sandwich wrap, utensils, disposable plates, and coffee cups. According to a two-month study conducted by the UW Garbology Project, disposal bins with the new signs had higher average accumulations of compostables and recyclables relative to trash. Student, faculty, and staff response to the new signs is so positive Housing and Food Services requested that the CAP team install three more sets in the Husky Den. Swing by the Husky Den to see the new signs!

Waste diversion is an important factor in UW’s efforts to reduce our environmental impact. In 2011, waste sent to the landfill accounted for almost 5% of UW Seattle’s greenhouse gas emissions. In 2012, UW diverted 57% of waste from the landfill. UW hopes to reach 70% diversion rate by 2012. Increased efforts by HFS and Bay Laurel Catering to supply compostable serviceware contribute greatly to waste reduction goals. With conscious waste disposal behavior, you can help the UW achieve our Climate Action Plan Goals! 

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UW Climate Action Plan