Laboratory Medicine Program Supervisor Tucker Sparkman plugs in.
Fleet Services
4659 25th Ave NE Seattle WA 98105-4139

The University's Fleet Services has successfully implemented a wide range of environmentally sustainable practices that mitigate the impact of vehicle use. One of the major contributors to global environmental pollution is vehicle operation and maintenance. For the past several years, Fleet Services has been focusing on sustainability and making transportation operations more environmentally friendly. At the beginning of the decade, those changes included heating the team's facility with used motor oil, purchasing hybrid vehicles and using biodiesel in diesel-burning trucks and buses. Fleet Services currently manages 204 ethanol flex fuel vehicles, 56 clean-burning diesel vehicles, 57 hybrid/electric co-generation vehicles, three plug-in hybrid/electric vehicles, and three all-electric vehicles (out of a fleet of more than 650 vehicles). Campus is also home to a fleet of diesel-powered Health Sciences Express buses.

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Voted into the Top 100 Best Fleets in North America.
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Fleet Services
(206) 685-1566