While cleaning products are important, cleaning practices are also a focus.
University of Washington
December 16, 2004

As established in the Custodial Division Mission Statement, "We deliver custodial servicethat provide exceptionally clean and sanitary environments for students, faculty, staff, and visitors for learning, teaching, research, and work." However, the Custodial Division willingly embraces a sense of responsibility that demands that we do more than this. They fulfill their mission in a manner that is earth and human friendly.  In keeping with our vision to maintain the campus effectively, the Custodial Division affirms its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, both contained in the ‘Green Cleaning Policy’. This policy requests that building occupants do their part. But ‘Green Cleaning’ comprises an entire program affecting our choice of cleaning solutions, practices, and equipment, our goals for personnel training, and custodial personnel commitment to practice environmentally conscious cleaning and sanitation procedures.

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Facilities Services Custodial Division