Solar Kiosks on Red Square
University of Washington
Red Square
Husky Union Building

Have you seen the new hi-tech waste kiosks on Red Square? Everyone loves the new look and the use of solar technology, but even better is the fact that they collect compostable waste in addition to recycling and garbage. This is the first public area compost collection at UW, and it’s the first program of its type nationwide. More importantly, the kiosks are already showing a significant impact.

In the first month of use, the total volume of waste collected on Red Square was 42% compostable. That’s roughly 2,200 pounds of compostable material kept out of the landfill. The remaining volume was 38% recyclable and only 20% actual garbage.

Powered sustainably by the sun, the kiosks contain technology to help maximize and monitor waste collection. Red Square was selected as a pilot project site because it is a high food waste consumption area and hosts many events year-round. The pilot project has been so successful that more solar kiosks were installed outside the newly renovated Husky Union Building in Fall 2012.

Project Contact Name: 
UW Recycling
(206) 685-2811