New Hybrid Mailing Service Trucks use bio-fuel instead of unleaded gasoline
University of Washington
Seattle Campus
Late Fall 2010

UW Mailing Services partnered with UW Fleet Services back in 2009 to replace its aging fleet of regular unleaded gas powered Mail Trucks that were highly inefficient, environmentally unfriendly and generated a lot of CO2. UW Fleet Services met with UW Mailing Services and they all set out to do something bold and new. We consider it to be a university/college first: a brand new fleet of Hybrid-Electric Mail Trucks that drastically reduces CO2 output, uses Bio-diesel fuel and can run on electricity up to 20 mph reducing the use of fuel. A Federal Grant was submitted through Puget Sound Clean Cities and awarded as part of the Federal Stimulus Funds to help with economic recovery. The Hybrid-Electric portion of the Mail Trucks were paid for by this Federal Grant. These new Hybrid-Electric Mail Trucks are definitely helping the sustainable efforts of the University of Washington and serve as a great example of alternative fuel vehicles to the campus, U-District and Seattle area.

Fun Facts: 
Each truck, if driven 12,000 miles, saves an estimated 500 gallons of fuel.
Each truck, if driven 12,000 miles, reduces our carbon footprint by over 10,000 pounds of CO2 compared to a traditional diesel truck.
When the truck actually needs to use the engine, it uses environmentally friendly bio-diesel.
Project Contact Name: 
Steven Roberts