MiniMax deskside bin
University of Washington

As a leader in recycling and waste reduction, The University of Washington continues to incorporate sustainable practices across campus. Based on the idea of minimizing waste and maximizing recycling, MiniMax is a desk-side, self-service recycling and waste collection program.

This program emphasizes waste minimization through the use of a mini (3 quart) self-service waste bin that hangs on the side of a personal recycling bin. The self-service aspect builds awareness around recycling, promotes personal responsibility for waste generation, allows custodians to focus their time on cleaning for health, and increases public area composting. Because the mini-waste bins are also unlined, the number of plastic liner bags entering the landfill is greatly reduced.

More than 8,000 workstations on campus now utilize the self-services containers since the program pilot was first conducted in 2008 within UW Tower. MiniMax is ­­helping UW reach its waste diversion goal of 70% by 2020. 

Project Contact Name: 
UW Recycling
(206) 685-2811