The U-PASS now features ORCA card capability...just tap and go!
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Going somewhere? Your Husky Card also doubles as your U-PASS, an Orca-powered tool that gives you plenty of transportation options for free or at a discounted cost. 

Making use of your U-PASS is an easy way to encourage a sustainable lifestyle by reducing carbon emissions. The UW’s goal is to have drive-alone commutes account for only 12% of all trips to campus. In 2018, a transportation survey found that about 78% of all UW community members had used the transit within a week of responding.

The U-PASS is built into the Husky Card of all students and many UW staff and faculty members. Some of the benefits of the U-PASS includes full fare coverage on transportation modes like most transit bus systems, the Link Light Rail, the Seattle Monorail, and more! 

If you’re looking to safely travel across the Seattle campus in the evening, your U-PASS allows you to use the NightRide Shuttle, which has eight stops around UW.

As you make plans to hang out around the city or in the park, try designing your route around rides covered by the U-PASS. For instance, you could bus around the U-District, ride the water taxi to West Seattle, or take the Light Rail to downtown.

Not only will your commute be cheaper, but you’ll also have time to enjoy the scenery during your travel while keeping your greenhouse gas emission low.

Fun Facts: 
The U-PASS is responsible for reducing the carbon emissions of UW commuters by 7,840 metric tons per year.
As of 2011, 79% of the UW population arrives on campus using a more sustainable transportation option than driving alone.
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