University of Washington
Bothell Campus
Only organic methods are used to fertilize grass, plants & flowers and for weed control. We have limited use of lowest toxicity pesticides, and have completely phased out the use of herbicides and pesticides in our gardening. The campus uses goats, composting and a host of other solutions to create a beautiful campus.
  • Native plants are a major component of the landscape and are propagated from seed.
  • Hot composting of garden waste, coffee cups, and coffee grounds. Worm composting of campus fruit and vegetable waste.
  • Since October 25, 2004, we have had thousands of Red Wrigglers eating our garbage!  
  • We have tours from UW Bothell, Cascadia and elementary schools of our worm bins.  


Fun Facts: 
710,000 gallons of water are saved by reducing summer grass watering.
UW Bothell has been herbicide-free since 2006
Project Contact Name: 
Tyson Kemper