Students, faculty, staff, and departments communicating about University of Washington sustainability events, projects, programs, research, achievements, and more now have a brand to tie it all together. On this page you'll find examples of the University of Washington Sustainability Brand, with resources and guidelines to begin using the brand for your group's communications about campus sustainability efforts.

Quick Instructions

In regards to the patch and band, ensure that the band (the green textured band) is a maximum of 2/3 the height of the patch (square block W). Also ensure that the edge of the patch is aligned with the edge of the band. For more information, see our sustainability brand guidelines.

In general, your piece should follow all other guidelines provided by UW Marketing.

Get Started! Download the Templates & Files

Many of these templates are also available in other filetypes, such as Adobe Illustrator. Contact us for other versions of the template or any other needed design elements.

Brand Guidelines


PowerPoint Template


Letterhead Template


Poster Template

(11 x 17 Landscape .indd)
(Portrait option 1 .indd)
(Portrait option 2 .indd)
(Portrait option 3 .indd)

Postcard Template

(Postcard .indd)

Facebook Banner Template


While we are making indidivual design elements available, they should only be used as specified in the sustainability brand guidelines. For example, use the university's "block W" logo in conjunction with the textured leaf band.

(Leaf texture files .zip)
(White tagline text .png)

(Block W purple .png)
(Block W gold .png)

Campus Examples

These are some examples of designs that have been created using the sustainability brand design elements to give you some ideas to get started.


Download .pdf


Download .pdf

Educational Signs

Download .pdf

PowerPoint Slides


Facebook Banners

Let us know how you used the Sustainability Brand!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the team of students, faculty and staff that worked collaboratively across the UW to develop the brand, and to the UW Marketing team for their guidance and development work, particularly Gerald McRobbie and Jean Hayes. Thanks also to Green C3 for their unique support.



Why is the UW Sustainability Brand important?

In addition to unifying our sustainability efforts through a common appearance, the Sustainability Brand supports the UW Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Plan outlines a strategy for improving green branding and marketing (Section 6.1.8).