UW Farm

The UW Farm is seeking undergraduate student staff members for the 2020 growing season (mid January through mid December). This position offers opportunities to work at three unique farm sites on campus as well as opportunities to develop real-life work skills in project management, team work, leadership, communication, volunteer management, food production, food safety, organic practices, and small farm business management.

Please note, this is an all-weather job. Student staff are expected to come to work on time and consistently, rain or shine. Commitment to the full four...

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CSF winter funding deadline Dec. 1, 2019

The Campus Sustainability Fund's winter funding cycle is now open for proposals from the UW campus community. The CSF grants over $400,000 per year to student-led projects that advance sustainability on UW's campus. The CSF supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and encourages project teams to align with these diverse goals. 

The CSF's letter of intent application deadline for the winter cycle is December 1. Applicants will be expected to submit a brief description of their project, preliminary budget, and timeline....

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Grace Barar

Hi! I’m Grace and I am the UW Sustainability team's graphic design intern. I am a junior studying Human Centered Design and Engineering. I am really excited to start this position because it enables me to improve on my design skills while also working around and with people who are passionate about sustainability. 

In my design work, accessibility is something that I give a lot of thought to. I strive to create designs that are inclusive and accessible to broad and diverse audiences. This concept, for me, can also be applied to sustainability. I believe that all members of the UW...

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Society for Ecological Restoration - UW chapter

The UW Society for Ecological Restoration's Native Plant Nursery is hosting a Native Plant Sale this Sunday, November 17, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Douglas Research Conservatory at the Center for Urban Horticulture. Come out and support UW's student-run nursery by picking up plants native to our region.

The nursery is looking for volunteers to help with the event. Volunteers must have a sufficient knowledge of Puget lowland native plant species, be able to answer...

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Madeline Zschiesche

My name is Madeline Zschiesche, and I am a junior at the University of Washington double majoring in Law, Societies, and Justice and Political Science. I am ecstatic to be joining the UW Sustainability Team as the Green Certification Program Coordinator. I admire the work being done here at UW Sustainability, and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a hard working team. My interest in sustainability is paired with a drive for inclusivity and a goal of environmental work that includes everyone here at the UW and beyond. When I’m not at the office I’m exploring Seattle with...

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UW Sustainability is hiring a part-time student communications intern for the 2019-2020 school year.

The Sustainability Communications Intern will research and write articles for the UW Sustainability blog and website (green.uw.edu), highlighting various people, buildings and sustainability projects across UW. This is an opportunity to learn more about sustainability efforts and be a part of our work to implement our Climate Action Plan at the University of Washington, as well as having stories published on a site reaching UW students, faculty and staff as well as the larger...

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We've all had those moments, holding an item over the recycling bin and hesitating because we're just not sure where it goes. Should it go in recycling? Compost? Landfill? 

UW Recycling is here with answers. Here are five quick tips to help you recycle properly on campus.

1. How do I know if I’m recycling properly?

Recyclables should be…

  • clean, empty, and dry
  • not food-soiled
  • kept loose & not bagged

2. How do I properly recycle plastic?

Plastics are…

  • not recycled based on the chasing arrow symbols...
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Students in lab coats sorting recycling and compost

Do you have questions about proper recycling or composting? Are you unsure about what goes in which bin when you're throwing stuff away? UW Recycling wants to provide answers. Here are 10 of the most common recycling myths that pop up on campus, along with definitive answers!

Myth #1: All cardboard and paper is recyclable

Since we need to avoid food or grease in the recycling, pizza boxes and food-soiled paper like napkins should be composted.

Myth #2: All plastic items marked with the chasing...

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Gabrielle Coeuille blowing bubbles at WM outreach event

This guest post is by Gabrielle Coeuille. Gabrielle is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in International Studies with a focus on Environmental Studies at the Jackson School. She hopes to explore international waste management systems after graduation. 

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with the Waste Management Recycle Corps – an award-winning program that puts college students through an intensive hands-on job training and then deploys them to lead recycling education and outreach in communities across Puget Sound.

For me,...

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Climate Emergency protest sign

A Climate in Crisis: Staying Present and Active in the Time of Climate Change

As the climate crisis gains more and more attention from the media and the general public, feelings of eco-grief, anxiety, and helplessness abound. This focus group is formed in the hopes of inspiring and empowering its participants to take action on climate change, whether that be going to protests, calling politicians, reducing one’s personal carbon footprint, or one of the many other ways to get involved. We will brush up on the basic science of climate change and its solutions, discuss ways to...

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