UW Climate Action Plan

2017 FAQ: Setting and Meeting Greenhouse Gas Goals at UW 

2016 Professional Travel Project

  • Update on Keystone, Capstone projects

2015 Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC)

2014 Climate Action Plan Progress Report:

2012 Sustainability Executive Order

2011 Climate Action Plan Progress Reports:

2010 Climate Action Plan Update:

2009 Climate Action Plan:

Climate Action Plan Contributors:

The Plan was created through the efforts of over 100 faculty, students and staff on all three UW campuses. 

Climate Action Plan Sponsors:

  • Mark A. Emmert, UW President 2004-2010
  • Phyllis Wise, Provost and Executive Vice President 2005-2011
  • V'Ella Warren, Senior Vice President
  • Paul Jenny, Vice Provost

The Oversight Team coordinated activities, discussed strategies and communicated across the Academic and Administrative teams:

  • Sandra Archibald, Dean, Evans School of Public Affairs
  • Bruce Balick, Astronomy and Faculty Senate Chair
  • Denis Martynowych, Planning and Budgeting
  • Elise Glassman, Strategy Management
  • JR Fulton, Housing and Food Services
  • John Chapman, Facilities Services
  • John Schaufelberger, College of Built Environments
  • Josh Kavanagh, Transportation Services
  • Ruth Johnston, Finance & Facilities
  • Roel Hammerschlag, Stockholm Environment Institute U.S.
  • Stephanie Harrington, College of the Environment

The Academic sub-teams were led by:

  • Bruce Balick, Research
  • John Schaufelberger, Curriculum
  • Stephanie Harrington, Outreach

 Academic Team members included:

  • Ashley Rumble, student, ESAC representative
  • Bridget Mason, UW Tacoma Environmental Science
  • Christina Heinlen, student, Environmental Studies
  • Christopher Bretherton, Atmospheric Science/Applied Mathematics
  • Clara Simon, Capital Projects Office
  • Danielle Pierce, student, Landscape Architecture
  • David Hendry, Information School
  • H. Asuman Kiyak, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Howard Chizeck, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Jerid Paige, student, Environmental Studies
  • Jim Gawel, UW Tacoma Environmental Sciences
  • Kevin Laverty, UW Bothell Business Program
  • Key Nuttall, Marketing
  • Lia Wetzstein, UW Tacoma Environmental Studies
  • LuAnne Thompson, School of Oceanography
  • Marilyn Ostergren, Information School
  • Martha Groom, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  • Phil Malte, Mechanical Engineering
  • Rob Pena, Architecture
  • Samantha Croffut, student, Biology
  • Theresa Doherty, Office of Regional Affairs
  • Tom Hinckley, Forest resources

The Administrative sub-teams were led by:

  • Celeste Gilman, Commuting
  • Denis Martynowych, Finance
  • John Chapman, Campus energy supply
  • JR Fulton, Campus energy demand
  • Ruth Johnston, Climate policy development and implementation
  • Steve Ashurst, Information technology
  • Tad Anderson, Professional travel

Administrative Team members included:

  • Alan Wright, student, Environmental Studies
  • Ann Sarna, Treasury
  • Anne Eskridge, Transportation Services
  • Aubrey Batchelor, student, Biochemistry
  • Bradley Pavlik, student, Landscape Architecture
  • Chris Bruno, student, Philosophy/Mathematics
  • Clara Simon, Capital Projects Office
  • Dennis Gawlik, Purchasing Services
  • Duncan Chalmers, Capital Projects Office
  • Jeanette Henderson, Real Estate Office
  • Joel Loveland, Architecture
  • Joyce S. Cooper, Mechanical Engineering
  • Marilyn Montgomery, College of the Environment
  • Martin Su, student, Arts and Sciences
  • Milt Tremblay, UW Tacoma Facilities and Campus Services
  • Terry Nyman, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Tony Guerrero, UW Bothell/Cascadia Facilities Services

Project Administration:

  • Roel Hammerschlag, Technical writer
  • Elise Glassman, Project manager
  • Marilyn Ostergren, Graphics
  • Jerid Paige and Aubrey Batchelor, Student support

Special thanks to the hundreds of UW students, faculty and staff who reviewed CAP drafts and provided comment  including David Szatmary and team at UW Educational Outreach, Barbara McPhee at UW Environmental Health & Safety; to Guarrin Sakagawa for help calculating UW Bothell emissions, Theresa Barker for her work on the survey data, Kay Sterner for her editorial review, and Michael Fero for his polishing skills.