By Sierra Harden | Mar 2, 2016

ENVIR 495 A: Crimes against Nature is open to Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students in all majors. 

In this course you will explore the questions:

  • Why are some human activities that harm nature considered criminal acts, while others are not? Students will consider various forms of environmental crimes, from toxic waste disposal to destruction of public natural resources to poaching, and explore how cases are pursued.
  • Do people behave differently in the face of criminal penalties? Learn the basics of the U.S. criminal law system and determine whether justice is served by the current system.

General Education Requirements: For Environmental studies majors, credits can be applied toward P&E Human & Social or Policy & Decision Making
Credits: 3
Professor: Todd Wildermuth
Time Offered: Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-11:20

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