By Karina Mazhukhina | Jun 9, 2016

Sound Salmon Solutions is seeking two to three long-term Community Stewardship Partners to help with salmon habitat restoration work. Volunteers will help raise public awareness on the decline of salmon populations, water quality problems and solutions.

The Chinook Salmon and Steelhead populations are currently at less than 5 percent of their historic levels in Puget Sound. Without proper habitat restoration and community awareness, these fish populations are at risk of negatively impacting tourism, recreational fishing, commercial fisheries, and the 137 other species that directly rely on these fish.

Volunteers will build community awareness and support for salmon recovery, as well as disseminate information about the program and how to get the community more involved. Also, chosen volunteers will attend 5 to 10 outreach event per year, such as farmer’s markets, festivals, conferences, and science fairs at local schools.

To apply, please contact Membership and Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Syravong at or call (425) 252-6686.