By Campus Sustainability Fund | Nov 23, 2016

Each year the student-run, student-funded UW Campus Sustainability Fund allocates more than $300,000 to student sustainability projects.

Students are encouraged to apply for the grants to implement campus projects which lessen the University of Washington's environmental impact. Applications for grants larger than $1,000 are accepted twice each year at the end of the Fall and Winter quarters. Applicants first submit a preliminary Letter of Intent (LOI). If the LOI is approved by the student CSF committee, a full proposal will be required.

The Fall deadline for project Letters of Intent is Monday, November 28 at 11:59 p.m. Approved applications will receive funding by March. To submit your Letter of Intent, apply here

If you're not prepared to submit this quarter, applications will be accepted a second and final time this academic year in March. Our biannual cycle's three month application process includes two phases: a preliminary Letter of Intent (LOI) and a Full Proposal contingent on LOI approval. Your LOI is meant to illustrate the general narrative of your idea and how your project work ties into the CSF Project Criteria. In order to submit an LOI, you do not need to have every implementation and budget detail worked out yet (however that does make your project feasibility more convincing). Our application process is designed to help you fine-tune larger scale project ideas and you can expect to recieve constructive feedback in subsequently creating your Full Proposal. 

The CSF also has a Mini Grant program for applications under $1,000. Unlike our large grants process, Mini Grant applications are accepted any time throughout the year and we guarentee a two-week approval turnaround. This process is ideal for small capital projects and time-sensitive educational events.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the CSF grant process, email CSF Outreach Coordinator Veronica Guenther at As a CSF student staff member, she does not sit on the CSF Committee or vote on budget allocation, and therefore, she can help you as much as possible in crafting your application. Please reach out!