By Toren Elste | May 5, 2021

As part of this year's Earth Day events, UW Sustainability had a great time with our first ever "Pie in the face" event. What is this, you might ask? Well, we asked staff and faculty members to answer trivia questions asked by students. The penalty for a wrong answer was a pie in their face!

The event wasn’t just a fun, light-hearted sustainability event. For each pie the participants got in their face, a donation was given to the UW Food Pantry!

This event idea started at UW Tacoma, who held the first event on Earth Day 2020 as a way to give back and have a little fun. This year, UW Tacoma challenged the Seattle campus to participate as well to see which campus can raise more for our pantries. 

The Seattle event has already raised more than $1,500 from colleagues, friends and family of the participants - and we need your help. The challenge is going through May 15. Ensure the Seattle campus outraises UW Tacoma by donating to the UW Food Pantry at the link below, and emailing Toren Elste at to let us know how much you donated. After the challenge, we'll add up all the donations and see who came out on top.

Donate now

A little more about the UW Food Pantry: the pantry provides food to UW students, staff, and faculty who are dealing with food insecurity. The pantry offers low-cost options to keep Huskies ] functioning at their best. You can learn more about the Food Pantry and how to volunteer or access the services at