Lab glove recycling delivers results

UW Recycling and UW Sustainability’s pilot program to recycle lab glove diverted an impressive amount of material from the landfill!

Two waste audits were conducted to compare how much gloves will be diverted from landfills - one before the pilot began and one after. The waste audit prior to the glove recycling program demonstrated that 23% of the lab waste sent to the landfill were gloves - more than any other item. By the end of the quarter, only 7% of material sent to the landfill were gloves - an impressive change!

Keeping lab gloves out of the landfill

Lab glove recyclingFor the first time, UW labs have been recycling used nitrile gloves as part of a pilot program between UW Sustainability and UW Recycling that started in Spring quarter. Nitrile gloves are significant source of waste in thousands of campus labs. A waste audit prior to the start of the pilot program demonstrated that nitrile gloves make up 23% of lab waste by weight that is sent to a landfill - more than any other single item.

Five new Green Lab certifications in February

Shout out to Schindler-Limnology Lab, Berg Lab, Shendure Lab, Keil Lab, and Olmstead Lab for becoming our newest certified Green Labs!

The Schindler-Limnology Lab placed at the Gold level of certification, scoring highest in the communication and education category. With about six staff and graduate students, the lab does research on water quality, fish biology, nutrient cycling, and all things inland water.

New Year's Resolution: Green Certification!

Happy New Year! As you start to compile your list of New Year's resolutions, why not add Green Lab or Green Office certification to your list? Why, you might ask? The more labs and offices that participate in the programs, the greater their contribution will be towards making the University more sustainable. Plus, you receive a certificate to hang in your office or lab and FREE coffee from Husky Grind as a thank you for being green! What a great way to begin the new year--with an award and some delicious coffee!

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