Claudia's Corner: 10 years of UW Sustainability!

Claudia's Corner

This year UW Sustainability is celebrating 10 years of working to advance sustainability at the UW!

Our mission began in 2008 when we were formed as the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Office, a small team of two staff and two students under the leadership of then-Senior Vice President V'Ella Warren and then-Associate Vice President Ruth Johnston (who is now helping lead UW Bothell as the Vice Chancellor of Planning & Administration). Today, we’re known as UW Sustainability, and I have had the privilege of working with passionate staff and students

Claudia's Corner: Summertime

Claudia's corner

Congratulations to the UW Sustainability students who graduated this year - Veronica Guenther, CSF Outreach Coordinator; Caroline Beightol, Green Certification Intern; Cole Lausch, EcoReps Coordinator; and Jennifer Watts, Graphic Design Intern. They all added to the ever-changing mosaic of our office, which has relied on the energy and interest of students since we were established in 2008. Students are the life force of sustainability action at UW and we are grateful to have worked with so many talented students over the years who are now changing the world one day at a time.

Claudia's Corner: A conversation about a positive future

It was an honor to participate in UW’s “Future of Ice” Speaker Series earlier this month. Mt. Baker Ski Area hosted a weekend of talks with expert speakers from our region, and I was thrilled to spend an afternoon overlooking the beautiful powdery slopes while discussing some fundamental issues surrounding the current perceptions of climate change and how we talk about it.

Claudia's Corner: A change in seasons

As we look towards spring, I’d like to pause and reflect on this time of transition for UW Sustainability. Our long-time Associate Vice President, Ruth Johnston, has moved on to her new role as Vice Chancellor of Planning & Administration for UW Bothell. I feel fortunate to have worked for Ruth since starting at the UW and know with confidence that sustainability at the university would not be where it is today without her vision and leadership.