First Safety, Sustainability and Preparedness Expo was a success

The first annual UW Safety, Sustainability, and Preparedness Expo turned out to be a fantastic event, with about 550 guests stopping by the HUB to learn from more than 70 exhibitors. The expo showcased a variety of environmental- and safety-related programs and initiatives on campus, connecting sustainability and safety through a variety of departments. It was also a great event to link faculty, staff and students as well!

Highlight on our Paper reduction green bag

At Wednesday's Green Bag, event, we were lucky to hear from Tim Stetter, director of UW in the High School, who shared how the program implemented a major process reform which saved thousands of sheets of paper each year.

The UWHS program allows high school students to complete University of Washington courses in their own classrooms. Teachers in schools across the state teach the courses, using UW curriculum, activities, texts, tests, and grading scales, and students can receive UW credit for the course.

Paper Reduction week at UW

UW Sustainability is excited to introduce paper reduction week! All week on the blog we'll be highlighting stories of people and groups on campus who have taken steps to reduce paper use, and providing tips and resources for you to do the same. This week is all about reducing the amount of paper we use, going digital and making small changes with big impacts. Reducing paper can save money and time as well as significantly reducing our environmental impact.

Toren's Tidbits: An Interview with UW sustainability mascot on Paper reduction

I was fortunate enough to have the privilege of interviewing Sqwatch, our UW Sustainability mascot, and get his thoughts on office paper reduction. He's a busy guy but we were able to chat with him for a few minutes!

Toren: Sqwatch, Thanks so much for joining us today. We’re excited to chat with you about paper reduction since after all, you are a Paper Reduction Pro. So Sqwatch, why should we reduce paper?