Purpose of this document:

  • Document the content creation and management process
  • Define roles
  • Point to supporting documents (web page to guide potential content creators and technical specifications document)


The objective of the Interpretive Element is to use the WCUP building as a messaging platform for conveying the University’s sustainability story.


All WCUP content will strive to tell stories of sustainability at the UW. Specific messages we would like to convey are:

  • The University of Washington is committed to sustainability (students, faculty, staff, leadership), in every way (transportation, consumption, disposal, efficiency etc.), and in every aspect of the University’s work (research, curriculum, operations).
  • Sustainability is part of the student experience. Students want to make a difference and they do.
  • Sustainability is important to the UW. We take it seriously - and have the courage to take a stand.
  • The UW is committed to finding solutions to complex sustainability problems and long-term visions of sustainability.
  • We are making progress in becoming more sustainable (sustainability metrics).
  • There are many cool, fun sustainability stories at UW.

Out of Scope: WCUP content will not include:

  • promotion
  • advertising
  • political
  • recruitment
  • time-sensitive information


The WCUP displays will be managed by the UW Sustainability Office who will:

  • Coordinate with content creators
  • Document the scope/guidelines
  • Upload/revise/replace content as needed
  • Monitor the displays (along with UW Facilities)
  • Inform UW Facilities, the University Architect and UW Marketing when new content is ready for display
  • Maintain an Advisory Group consisting of representatives from UW Sustainability, UW Facilities, the Office of the UW Architect and UW Marketing.

Process for introducing new content

UW Sustainability will create new content for the Interpretive Element and will also seek out content creators and support their efforts. The steps for creating new content will be as follows:

  1. Content creator will present their general intent
  2. UWS will ensure that the envisioned content falls within the defined scope
  3. UWS will provide technical guidelines for content
  4. UWS will meet with the content creator during content creation to provide support and guidance
  5. UWS will send a draft version of the content to the Advisory Group for review
  6. UWS will send the final version of the content to the Advisory Group
  7. UWS will schedule and activate content with the help of Facilities as needed

Process for revising/replacing content

The general expectation is that content created for the WCUP Interpretive Display will be displayed for a minimum of 1 quarter. UWS will determine when previous content will be retired to the content library and make room for new content.

Design brief for contributors /General design guidelines [TBD]