There are many ways faculty, staff and students can get involved with sustainability at the University of Washington. You can take the sustainability pledge, find out how your office or lab can be certified for its Green practices, organize a Green Team in your building or department, find resources on how to be a Good Dawg and act sustainably, and much more.

The links below provide some ways to get started, and we also have more specific resources for students on our Student Experience page. For more information about sustainability efforts on campus, contact us.


Pledge to take actions to further the UW's culture of sustainability.

Green Laboratory Certification

Labs have an enormous impact on a university's energy use. The Green Lab program encourages sustainable lab practices and provides resources.

Green Office Certification

The Green Office Certification Program at the University of Washington encourages staff, faculty, and students to help make their office or workplace at UW sustainable.

Commute Calculator

Campare costs and emissions of various commuting choices.

Paper reduction

Reduce paper

Find resources to reduce your paper use and sign up to be a Paper Reduction Pro.

Green Events Guide

Guidelines and tips for making your events sustainable.