The UW College of Arts & Sciences (website) has 18 faculty members currently participating in sustainability research distributed across 28 research projects.

Advancing the Capacity of Scat Detection Dogs and Molecular Scatology Methods by Addressing Critical Conservation Science of Poorly Studied Large Mammal Populations Threatened by Deforestation
Faculty: Samuel Wasser (Department of Biology)

Biological Futures in a Globalized World
Faculty: Margaret Wylie (Departments of Anthropology and of Philosophy)

Collaborative Research: Critical Infrastructure Policy
Faculty: Peter May (Department of Political Science)

Combined use of oil and gas produced in water and nutrient-rich wastewaters for growing algae for biofuels
Faculty: Rose Cattolico (Department of Biology)
Project Website

Diffusion of voluntary environmental standards
Faculty: Aseem Prakash (Department of Political Science)

Dopant-carrier Auger de-excitation as a new approach to multi-threshold solar energy conversion devices
Faculty: Daniel Gamelin (Department of Chemistry)

Environmental effects on short term changes in testosterone: a cross cultural examination of the challenge hypothesis in Tsimane and US males
Faculty: Kathleen O'Connor (Department of Anthropology)

Factors shaping natural resource exploitation and associated environmental harms
Faculty: Victor Menaldo (Department of Political Science)

Fiscal reform, fiscal well-being and security of land rights in China
Faculty: Susan Whiting (Department of Political Science)

Geologic and biotic response to Oligocene-Miocene climatic and environmental change in the Great Plains (South Dakota, USA) (Collaborative Research) 
Faculty: Caroline Stromberg (Department of Biology)

Impacts of economic globalization and foreign aid on pollution
Faculty: Victor Menaldo (Department of Political Science)

Natural Resources and State Development in Latin America
Faculty: Victor Menaldo (Department of Political Science)

Noninvasive Solutions to Global Health
Faculty: Samuel Wasser (Department of Biology)

Novel Metal Solutions: A new Strategy for Managing Soil-Borne Plant Diseases with low Environmental and Human Health Risks
Faculty: Russell Rodriguez (Department of Biology)

Partners on the North Pacific: Environmental Education and Joint Flora Survey
Faculty: David Giblin (Department of Biology)

Persistent Organic Pollutant Contamination in the Puget Sound Ecosystem: A Novel Approach to Monitor Exposure and Evaluate Risk
Faculty: Samuel Wasser (Department of Biology)

Population Ecology of the Mariana Crow and the Rota White Eye
Faculty: Renee Ha (Department of Psychology)
Project Website

Rent-seeking in land management and land disputes in China
Faculty: Susan Whiting (Department of Political Science)

Research frontiers in comparative and international environmental politics
Faculty: Aseem Prakash (Department of Political Science)

Role of voluntary environmental regimes in reducing pollution
Faculty: Aseem Prakash (Department of Political Science)

Science and Recycling: A Comparative History
Faculty: Simon Werrett (Department of History)

Sustainability and community with a particular emphasis on eco-villages
Faculty: Karen Litfin (Department of Political Science)

Sustainable Farming
Faculty: Karen Litfin (Department of Political Science)

Terawatt Scale Solar Power: A Sustainable Energy Research Network
Faculty: David Ginger (Department of Chemistry)
Project Website

The Paleoecology of Diet Breadth in the Basin-Plateau Region, USA
Faculty: Donald Grayson (Department of Anthropology)

Tracking the evolution of grasses and grasslands: using phytoliths to explore evolution-ecology links in deep time
Faculty: Caroline Stromberg (Department of Biology)

Tracking the origins of C4 grasses and grasslands: a phytolith key to PACMAD grass phylogeny, physiology, and ecology
Faculty: Caroline Stromberg (Department of Biology)

Urban air pollution policies, public health, and the adoption of green vehicles
Faculty: Hendrik Wolff (Department of Economics)