2016 Capstone Team

During Summer Quarter 2016, two Capstone students focused on developing and communicating the Keystone Team's recommendations (below).

2015 Keystone Team

In Fall Quarter 2015 and Winter Quarter 2016, a Keystone team of three graduate students researched the UW’s professional air travel, which accounts for about 11% of the university’s total emissions. The project had three goals:

  • Provide better accounting of UW air travel through reimbursement data
  • Research faculty and staff attitudes toward travel
  • Recommend steps to achieve future emissions reductions set out by the Climate Action Plan

The team calculated that in 2014, UW travelers logged 84,075 flights, which consisted of 136 million miles and emissions of 23,811 MTCDE (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent). The team recommended:

  • Book flights through a universal booking system to make tracking UW’s air travel and emissions more efficient and accurate
  • Consider using ground transportation for regional travel (<300 miles)
  • Consider alternatives such as videoconferencing
  • Develop a UW-wide policy regarding the purchase of carbon offsets