Getting Started? - Unsure of how to start your Green team and invite your colleagues? Use our Starting a Green Team document to get ideas, and our sample email as an invitation template to get your team started.

Potential Project List - This is a List of Projects that your Green Team could try.

Green Purchasing - Visit the Green Purchasing site for ways to buy green at UW.

Resources & Outreach Materials

MiniMax - UW Recycling's desk-side waste collection system created specifically to “minimize waste, maximize recycling”. 

UW Recycling also provides printable signs for everything from compost to mixed containers recycling. 

Not sure what to do with your coffee cup? Aerosol can? UW Recycling has an A-Z guide on proper disposal of everyday items. 

Having an event and need additional recycling, compost and waste receptacles? There's a form for that.

UW Tower Green Team's Composting in the Workplace Video.

Waste 101 - A guide to compost, recycling, and waste created by student group SEED.

Green Computing offered by IT Connect.

Green Office Checklist provided by the Environmental Stewards.

Keys to Success offered by the UW Tower Green Team.

Sustainability Resources provided by the Environmental Stewards.

Starter kits available upon request for new or existing Green Teams.