The University of Washington Sustainability Dashboard displays information on sustainability metrics and conservation targets in order to show the progress toward achievement of the goals outlined in the University's Climate Action Plan (learn more) and Executive Order No. 13 (learn more), the University’s Policy for Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability.

The Dashboard was first created in 2011 by a PhD student in the Information School, through partnership with numerous data providers from across the University. The effort was initiated by the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability office to provide transparency, and inform the broader community of UW’s efforts to remain a leader in environmental stewardship. Read more at UW Today.

Tips for Utilizing the UW Sustainability Dashboard Features:
All data displayed in the Dashboard is downloadable as an Excel file for any students, staff, faculty, or researchers interested in utilizing the information. The link to each metric's Excel file can be found in the lower left corner of each page. Where applicable, goals or targets are identified with a bold purple color. Some metrics have multiple sub-pages with additional graphs, clicking on the green circles after the word "MORE" at the bottom of the metric's page will take you to these sub-pages. You may also download the UW Sustainability Dashboard as a PDF.

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