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Our electricity consumption on campus has remained relatively steady even as our campus population has grown. The UW Facilities Services' Energy Resource Conservation team has worked to make this happen. They have conducted energy audits for 12 million square feet on campus. In 2013 to 2017 alone, the program avoided 2,372 MgC02e and saved $5,660,593 in utility costs.

The University of Washington purchases our electricity from Seattle City Light (SCL). This electricity is generated from a combination of sources, but the largest source by far is hydropower. We also generate a small, but growing, amount of electricity on campus with solar arrays, many of which were funded or championed by students.

You can see real-time building energy use data on campus through the McKinstry Energy Dashboard (Windows Internet Explorer only, Silverlight required). By reducing our energy requirements, programs such as this also help the UW achieve our carbon emission goals. The University of Washington has committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 15% (from 2005 levels) by 2020, and by 36% by 2035. The UW's Climate Action Plan (CAP) describes the University's commitment and strategies for meeting this commitment. You can find progress reports and many other resources on our Climate Action Plan page.

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Clean Energy Institute

Clean Energy Institute

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UW Solar

An interdisciplinary team of students working to increase solar power at UW.

Energy data at UW

Solar power locations

Infographic of solar panel locations on UW's Seattle campus

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