EcoReps is a student-run organization that works with our peers, faculty, and staff to make the University of Washington a more sustainable place by implementing green ideas. Stay up to date with what's happening with the EcoReps blog or Facebook page.


The University of Washington as an institution is a leader in sustainability, but that does not fully imply that its constituents are. It is our goal as EcoReps to foster a culture of sustainability at UW with focuses in alternative transportation, waste diversion, energy reduction, and water management. 

Project Development

One of our primary goals at EcoReps is to help students with ideas to further the sustainability of UW. Visit the Project Development Page to learn more about what we do. Check out our photo gallery for our past projects!

Green Greek

EcoReps works very heavily with the UW Greek Community to help improve the sustainable practices of our chapters on campus by incorporating interactive programs such as the Green Greek Certification and the Green Greek Competition. Visit the Green Greek Page to learn more about how you and your chapter can get more involved!

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