Green Certification Programs at the University of Washington are recognition programs intended to reduce the environmental impact of various spaces across campus by educating students, faculty, and staff about sustainable practices. The programs provide an evaluation framework with resources to implement the practices within their spaces, in alignment with strategies laid out in the UW Climate Action Plan.

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The Green Office Certification Program recognizes offices that implement sustainable practices and behaviors within their unit. The certification is based on work place practices in action areas such as energy conservation, green meetings, paper conservation, publications and marketing communications, purchasing, waste diversion, transportation, and more.

The Green Laboratory Certification Program recognizes laboratories at UW that operate and behave sustainably within their laboratory space. The certification is based on laboratory practices involving action areas such as energy usage, communication, waste, chemical usage, water usage, work-related travel, and more.

The Green Dawgs Program at the University of Washington encourages RSO’s to help make their meetings, events, and member practices more sustainable. Green Dawgs Certification recognizes student groups who implement sustainable practices.

The Green Greek Certification Program recognizes Greek Chapters at UW that practice sustainable operations and behaviors within their Chapters. The certification is based on living practices in action areas such as awareness & education, transportation, events, habits, resource conservation throughout the house, and more.