In this packet of articles, we bring together University of Washington leaders who share their thoughts and encouragement for continuing to advance sustainability in higher education. Learn how the UW is tackling some of our world’s most complex and critical problems while looking toward the future. Through curriculum, teaching, research and day-to-day living, these articles show how sustainability is in our nature at the University of Washington.

The seven articles, originally published in the Huffington Post, are listed below. Download the complete series here, or individual stories below. 

Turning the University Inside Out

President Michael K. ​Young

By making sustainability a priority in our daily operations and practices, we demonstrate in an authentic way our commitment to making a better world for us all.

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How to Tackle the Most Critical Environmental Issues of 2013

Dean Lisa Graumlich, College of the Environment

We approach environmental problems from a multi-dimensional point of view, and we try to think about the full complexity of these issues, pulling connections and expertise from a variety of sources.

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The Millennials' New Planetary Passion

Provost Ana Mari Cauce

One of the positives here is that Millennials react much more quickly to perceived problems like environmental degradation or sustainability. They are accountable. They get on it. And they stay on it.

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Going for the Green: Sustainability Benefits to Higher Education

Senior Vice President V'Ella Warren, Finance & Facilities

At the University of Washington (UW), we’ve implemented many conservation projects over the years that have embraced smarter processes and technologies for irrigating our grounds and powering our infrastructure.

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Campus and the Community: The New Sustainable Inclusivity

Charles Kennedy, Associate Vice President of Facilities Services
Paul Jenny, Vice Provost, Planning & B​udgeting

One of the most important questions is how do on-campus sustainability efforts ripple the non-collegiate neighborhood at large?

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Living the New On-Campus Sustainability Experience

Richard Chapman, Associate Vice President, UW Capital Projects
Micheal Meyering, Sustainability Manager, UW Housing & Food Services

The most important thing we can do... is to focus on creating and sustaining delivering a healthy living and work environment for students, faculty and staff.

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What It Takes – How to Green the Ivory Towers of Higher Education 

Ruth Johnston, Associate Vice Provost, UW Organizational Excellence

Part of what makes the University of Washington unique, and what keeps us at the forefront of this work, is the rich interface between the educational opportunities we provide in the classroom and our leadership in sustainability.

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