Location: IMA Building

Department: Recreational Sports

Mission: To reduce the waste of resources, educate employees and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices.


  • Started a volunteer-led composting program
  • Started volunteer-led bottle cap recycling
  • Had the vending machine lights turned off to the machines in the building
  • Transitioning to using green cleaning supplies
  • Exchanged plastic laundry bags with mesh washable and reusable bags for laundry
  • Transitioned to using green office supplies
  • Transitioned to using compostable utensils and kitchen paper products
  • Set printer settings to default to double sided, black ink printing
  • Reducing paper reports and printing reports when appropriate
  • Started a volunteer-led plastic film and Styrofoam recycling program
  • Switched to the MiniMax waste collection system in all the offices
  • Started paper towel composting in all restrooms and locker rooms
  • Added mixed recycle bins located next to all landfill bins in the common areas of the building
  • Donate shoes to Redeeming Soles charity in Seattle and donate clothing to Teen Feed charity in the U District

The IMA Building uses low flow showerheads and urinals, light sensors in many activity areas and has solar panels on the roof.

Meetings: Monthly

Contact: Katie Beth

Email: kbeth6@uw.edu

Start-up Date: 4/22/12