Saving Trees with Technology

May 20, 2011

In alignment with UW’s 2Y2D strategic direction, Student Fiscal Services is making a major commitment to sustainable business practices by eliminating paper reports produced by the Student Database (SDB).

Working in conjunction with UWIT and our process partners, we have already converted many reports to PDF format and have stored them on a network drive.  This has drastically reduced the number of daily SDB reports being printed – saving a substantial number of trees in the process.

"Lean and green" - and a showcase for office sustainability

February 2, 2011

At first glance, the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability office looks like any other campus work area: Desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets — check.
But wait, look again. This small office, in the basement of Gerberding Hall (B40), is now a sort of showcase for sustainability in office furnishings. Which makes a certain sense, after all, given its name.

UW Announces New Recycling Initiatives

August 31, 2010

The University of Washington announced new recycling and garbage diversion initiatives for the 2010-2011 academic year today. A new in-game promotion called the Green Minute will be unveiled at Husky Stadium, where ushers and stadium management will assist fans in recycling and composting. Additionally, UW has announced a goal of increasing the amount of all waste diverted at football games in Husky Stadium by 10 percent during the 2010 season.

UW Tower goes green with edible Patio Demonstration Garden

March 4, 2010

While students farm one-third of an acre on campus, inhabitants of the UW Tower are thinking even smaller. Their plots of land are measured in feet rather than acres, but they produce some crops that are just as appetizing. Say hello to the UW Tower Patio Demonstration Garden. In fact, you may already have seen it. It's located on the brick plaza just south of the tower, in a series of concrete planters.