Claudia Christiansen(Co-Project Leader), Procurement Services
Katy Folk-Way(Co-Project Leader), Creative Communications
Claudia Frere-Anderson (Project Manager), Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability
Ann Anderson, Financial Management
Ruth Johnston, UW Sustainability
Nancy Grey, School of Nursing
Suzanne Zitzer, College of the Environment Dean's Office
John Carroll, Facilities
Toren Elste, UW Sustainability
Regi Hampton, Capital Planning & Development
Dawn Lake, Procurement Services
Nana Lowell, Office of Educational Assessment
Tamara Puckett, Evans School of Public Policy
Rebecca Chen, Procurement Services
Howard Chizeck, Faculty, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
David Wright, Procurement Services
Tony Guerrero, UW Bothell
Elena Johns, Arts & Sciences, Music
Jennifer Raines, Arts & Sciences, Physics
Jan Rutledge, UW Tacoma
Bethany Staelens, UWEO / UW Tower
TBD, UW Recycling