These were distributed to most of the campus's paper towel dispensers.
Seattle Campus
Campus Paper Towel Dispensers
October 21, 2010

UW's Earth Club targeted the more than 2,600 paper towel dispensers across campus by sticking them with a message: "Remember…These Come From Trees." This quote is printed onto stickers that can be stuck directly onto the dispensers, reminding users not to be wasteful. The stickers claim that up to 100 lbs of paper (roughly 1 whole tree) will be saved as a result of reminding users to be more conscientious in their behaviors.


Fun Facts: 
Between 2,600 and 3,000 of these stickers have been deployed.
In 2009, almost $180,000 was spent on paper towels. These stickers, if heeded, will lower paper towel costs for the UW as well as save trees.
Project Contact Name: 
Earth Club