By UW Sustainability | Aug 14, 2017

The brightly-colored bikes can be seen in most corners of campus, giving users a convienent option to hop on and ride to their destination. The new dockless bike share systems allow you to easily rent a bike with a smartphone app and park at any public bike rack at UW.

There are two bike share companies currently active in Seattle - Spin and Limebike - and both offer 50% discounts if you sign up using your email address. To get started, you must download an app to your smartphone and sign up. The apps show the locations of available bikes - when you find one, scan the QR code on the back using the app to unlock the bike and ride on your way. 

A few guidelines: 

  • Always park the bikes on a bike rack when on campus. (When you ride off campus there are more parking options, but when you’re at the UW please only leave bikes on a rack and use the built-in wheel locks.)
  • Yield to pedestrians and follow the rules of the road.
  • Bring your own helmet with you, and wear it when you ride.
    (Don't have one? Recycled Cycles and Bike Works offer discounts when you show your Husky Card.)

These new bike share systems are currently on a pilot program in Seattle, and UW Transportation Services would like to hear your thoughts and experiences using the bikes. If you have questions or feedback about using the bikes on campus, please contact Transportation Services at (If you have problems using or signing up for these services, you'll need to contact the companies directly.)

Learn more about the bike share systems at the Transportation Services information page.