By UW Sustainability | Dec 23, 2020

The UW Sustainability team wishes all of you a happy holiday season and best wishes for 2021. We put together a video to share a few goals and tips for sustainability in the New Year:

Our team:
Daimon Eklund, Communications Coordinator
Toren Elste, Program Specialist
Marilyn Ostegren, Renewable Energy Liaison
Fotima Ibrokhim, Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) Outreach Coordinator
Yahia Ali, CSF Project Development Specialist
Christoph Strouse, Sustainability Action Plan Coordinator
Bri Erbach, Student Outreach Specialist
Kyle McDermott, CSF Coordinator
Claudia Frere-Anderson, Director
Grace Barar, Graphic Designer
Kalina Bathke, Student Program Assistant