By UW Sustainability | Sep 22, 2022
pile of loose batteries

The UW has a new partner for batteries. Batteries Plus has a contract with the University providing recycling and disposal along with offering batteries for purchase. 

UW Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is using Batteries Plus to recycle most used batteries at UW. The company will pick up used batteries and deliver purchases. Most commercial and industrial batteries are available – from the standard types to batteries for alarms, boats, golf carts, wheelchairs, as well as lithium batteries. UW Procurement Services has ensured the new contract meets the UW's product stewardship and sustainability goals. Departments can get a quote and pay via Procard or by PO in Ariba (contract number CW2243021). 

In addition to working with Batteries Plus to recycle old batteries, there are two other options to dispose of used batteries on campus. You can place less than five pounds of batteries in an e-Media bin, or you can submit a Chemical Waste Collection Request for EH&S pickup of more than five pounds of batteries, as well as large or leaking batteries. 

For more information, contact EH&S at or call 206-616-5835.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash.