HP and corporate social responsibility

HP’s printers, ink cartridges, and desktops can be found in administrative offices and computer labs throughout campus. HP is one of the UW’s main technology suppliers, and the company has many sustainability initiatives. Sustainability is firmly integrated into the company’s product design process, which aims to decrease the environmental impact of products across their life cycles. Due to its industry leadership in sustainability, HP has received much external recognition in recent years.

Office Depot and corporate social responsibility

Office Depot is one of the UW’s main office suppliers, and the company offers many products with sustainability in mind. In fact, the company offers more than 12,000 products that have above-average environmental benefits compared to other products in their category. These benefits include reduced energy use, chemical use, and waste. Office Depot’s ball point pens, binders, and 100% recycled copy paper can be found in administrative offices and classrooms throughout the University of Washington campus.

Energy-saving tips from the Green Office program

The Green Office Certification Program encourages everyone at the University of Washington to help make their workplace sustainable. One of the areas of emphasis in the certification form is energy conservation, and it's also an area where many offices have room for improvement.

Below are a few tips on how your office can take easy steps to reduce energy use. For more ideas, see our Green Office Resources page or email us at sustainability@uw.edu.