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For Fiscal Year 2022, we are working on three actions toward this target:

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    Action: Electrify UW Transportation Services

    A working group consisting of representatives from UW Transportation Services, the Sustainability Office, Facilities Operations, Faculty, Students and Treasury gathers monthly to provide updates on the effort to electrify the UW fleet. Transportation Services continually tracks developments in the market such as the availability of new categories of electric vehicles.

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    as of February 2022

    Accomplishments: Draft of the 10 year vehicle replacement plan is completed. There are 102 charging stations currently in operation (map with locations).

    Action: Plan to Repower the Seattle Campus

    Repowering the Seattle Campus is a transformative undertaking. The "Energy Roadmap" working group meets biweekly. Members include representations from Engineering, Operations, Project Development Group, Facilities Finance, Sustainability, Treasury and 1 faculty member. The group is working to identify ways to optimize energy use by sharing excess heat and cooling between buildings; improving our metering and building data analytics capacity; and decarbonizing the central plant.

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    as of February 2022

    Accomplishments: We don't have any public plan documents available at this point, but look for an update at the end of May.

    Action: Implement Campus Solar Plan

    The Campus Solar Plan (in draft) was presented to the Faculty Council on Campus Planning and Stewardship in December 2021. The Council is working to draft a resolution.

    UW Solar (the student group creating the plan) has submitted a grant proposal to Seattle City Light to help fund the first parking lot solar canopy project (on the E18 lot, an 84kW nameplate array). This will be a first small step toward implementing Transportation Service's plan to build a series of large solar canopy projects in support of electric vehicles.

    The general strategy for implementing the solar plan will be to leverage the Green Revolving fund which is also under development. Integral to this fund is a screening too which enables us to compare and strategically prioritize funding for projects that pay for themselves through reduced utility costs.

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    as of February 2022

    Accomplishments: Data, figures and tables for the campus solar plan have been completed.

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